Complete List of the Composition in the Revolutionary Cycle - Embrace Lawful Revolution.

EM20a-scomp01 (Revolution's Birth)

(The Infant Revolution)

EM20a-scomp02 (Portrait of Revolution)

(Lawful Revolution)

(Revolution Questions its Path)

EM20a-scomp03 (Revolution Grows)

(Revolution has an Identity)

(Revolution asserts Itself)

EM20a-scomp04 (Revolution Knocks 3 Times)

(Revolution Dance)

(Revolution in Progress)

EM20a-scomp05 (Invention Feeds on Revolution)

(Revolution is a Necessity)

EM20a-scomp06 (Dance to Revolution)

(Revolution Knocks 3 Times)

EM20a-scomp07 (Revolution is a Necessity)

(Revolution is Natural)

Em20a-scomp08 (Revolution can be Myopic)

(Revolution's Gold Chest)

(Revolution Muscles In)

(Revolution Flexes its Muscles)

(Revolution Rears its Head)

(Revolution has Form)

EM20a-scomp09 (For Humanity Revolution is Inevitable)

( Revolution is Patient)

(Revolution is becoming Impatient)

(Revolution is Waiting in the Wings)

EM20a-scomp10 (Revolution is our Friend)

EM20a-scomp11 (Revolution's Anthem)

(The Stabilization of Revolution)

(Revolution Generates its own Energy)

(Revolution Radiates Power)

EM20a-scomp12 (Revolution waits in the Wings)

(Revolution Rattles its' Cage)

(Revolution Plays the Waiting Game)

(Revolution Plays an Ace)

(The Tools of Revolution)

(Revolution is an injection of Energy into the State)

(Finance/Economics is The Tool of Revolution)

EM20a-scomp13 (Lawful Revolution Makes a Move)

(Revolution Views)

EM20a-scomp14 (The Alternative to The Lawful Revolution)



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