Specialist Equipment available for hire

CreFlex has access to a complex of 6 studios.

These studios P,V,W,X,Y and Z, primarily involved in the production of Electronic Music.

Concert and Event Organisers -

Specialist P.A. equipment.( 18 Hz to 36 Khz) Involving one of only a few 30 inch diameter bass woofers in this country- U.K. and Europe.


BBC standard recordings with AKG 414s

Recording Hall - regularly used by BBC - available at good rates. Hall was built specially for Vaughn-Williams and has exceptional acoustics.





Creflex Productions is the arm of The London Direction
CFX Productions resorts to the EarthLevel
CFX Productions accesses the Vaults of Knoxodeon
Creflex Productions Expands the EuropeanDirection
Creflex Productions enhances the USDirection
CFX Productions Responds to EarthGauge
CFX Productions Augments LondonDirection
CFX Productions extends through MetaBeacon
CFX Productions realises Cradlx
CFX Productions Atomises III
Creflex Productions amplifies the LosAngelesDirection
Electronic Music No. 49
Creflex Productions Augments NewYorkDirection
Electronic Music No.36
CFX Productions Expands IV
Creflex Productions Decorates The MiamiDirection
Electronic Music No.31
CFX Productions exists in the TotalWorldValue

Details of Creflex compositions - symphonic and EDM at


contact at

info@ newelectronicmusic.com

for purchase and hire of compositions