Perform Electronic Music was primarily developed

Site in Construction
Electronic Music No.39 provides a base for the system developments

to encompass the form of the concert performance of Electronic Music No,18.




Perform Electronic Music became necessary because of the technical limitations of the 5.1 and 7.1 mastering of the completed compositions of Electronic Music. The production levels of the composition are used the highest fidelity form for use in the composition which is realized on stage - so it is a for of Live-Electronic Music where no recordings are made - so each performance is unique.


Developments in this form are in progress in Electronic Music No.26.

Elaboration processes are applied during the performance with response to variable acoustics

Sub-Layers are contracted and expanded in Performance

Spahar provides the forms for Spatial Dynamics

Electronic Music No.26 can only exist in concert

Diam expands the Harmony

Thouey provides the Direction

Gis develops the EM26 Field Structure

Electronic Music No.65 - Large Area Compositions- for Field Generation
Electronic Music No.52 - Structural MetaBeacon sets out the direction for BroadPerformance
Electronic Music No.91 moves into the Realm of Neroism