Electronic Music No.18 is a symphonic sized composition. There are a number of versions available.The Full version is a complete evening of over 3 hours. The 1999 preliminary version is one movement of 47 minutes and the presently supported 2003 version of 1 hour 21 minutes.

This is a composition based on the Scope of the Sea.

This is a popular inspiration for composers - and deals with broadness of the medium.

The main extension in this piece is that it includes Galleons in the subjects - these are a development of the life-lines in EM14.

The main structural base of the composition consists of the types of Seas - the localseas - the mainseas and their differing energies.

The Dynamism of the composition is about the movement of the various types of Galleons in the environment. A time-description of the composition gives the entry points and space position of all forms.

The most dynamic of the forms are the Convoys

There is a another development from the classical sea- symphonies - that is with our present knowledge and experience - this could be the environment on anther planet - for example - the denser than water clouds of Venus - or the turbulent gas structure of Jupiter and Uranus, with the Galleons being more exotic forms.

This may be a good point to go into a clarification of the nature of the composers work in electronic music that reviewers have had problems with. A string quartet consists of only of the sounds of the instruments involved but the power of the composition is in the exploitation of the harmony of the genre - it is the same with the electronic music of W.Lennox - in the course of the process of the composition the harmony is developed - this may mean there is not a great variation in the range of the nature of the sounds - because the composers is concentrating on the power of the development of harmony in electronic music. This makes electronic a more powerful medium and truer development of the power of music than musique concrete (French style EM) or electroacoustic music - a mongrelisation of electronic music.

In Electronic Music No.18 this is taken a step further the Sea is the same the world over - the same material your dip your toes in - to that in the middle of the Ocean - the difference is in its energy state - the same could be said of Space outside of the atmosphere - the Space shuttle could be seen as dipping its toes in the water of the Universe, while it hesitates to go in further- but space is the same in the its depth. So in the composition the Seas consist of the same material and the Galleons and Convoys respond to the States of the Seas.

Electronic Music No.18 is dedicated to the memory of the composers father William Joseph Lennox who in his younger years was a pilot in the Severn Estuary and was responsible in other work for the improvement of Zinc production techniques essential during the 2nd World War effort. His ability in monetary investments made possible the necessary time for the development of systems and techniques for the production of this composition.

During recent refinements of the full composition , due to the perceived limitations of available Surround sound software operating at full sampling rate (192Khz) it has become necessary to develop PerformElectronicMusic to realise the true spatial brilliance of the composition.

As a preparation for the form of Electronic Music Nr.26 a pure form of PerformElectronicMusic, the layers used in the composition Electronic Music Nr.18 are going to be made individually available so that the full composition can be realised uniquely in each performance.

These will be available as a number of individual

Local Seas

Main Seas



These can be purchased individually and individual forms of the composition produced.