The full composition Electronic Music Nr.28 (Metaphysica Empirica III) is called 'Revolutionary Spirits Rejoice' its performance is spread over 3 days - ( 2 evenings an afternoon and a 3rd evening , or 3 evenings and a night).

It is planned that the first complete performance of the full composition should take place on the 19th to 21st December 2012 to usher in the new epoch.


In the construction of the piece layers have been separated out and developed to form subcompositions.

Subcompositions are of a more direct form and many are designed as dance music. They usually vary in duration of 20 minutes to an hour - though edited shorter versions can be ordered.

The subcompositions are at present available for hire on hard drives, memory sticks, CD, SACD, and DVD-Audio.

CEM is at present considering how these will be made available to the public as the minimum level is CD, but would prefer it to be blu-ray.


The first evening centres around the Caligula Cycle - these subcompositions are being promoted now.

The second evening is based around the Nero Cycle of subcompositions.

The third evening or afternoon of the third day is based around the Revolutionary Spirits Rejoice Cycle itself.

The third evening where there is an afternoon performance or the Night of the Third Day is based around the Realisation of the Revolutionary Spirits. The subcompositions for this area are being produced at the present - The Vehicle for the Revolutionary Spirits was completed on the 19th May. These are better defined as Developed- Subcompositions being closer to the full composition - as in the Spiritual-Cycle from Electronic Music No.21 (Metaphysica Empirica II)