Electronic Music No.26 by William Lennox is an example of the live performance realisation of the composition.

EM26 makes use of specialist system for this process incorporating qdp with Allcha to maintain the stability of the composition,

Involved is a preliminary version of Supera.


Allcha forms the range of Prox actions in the development of the Harmony

QDP extends the breadth of the harmony with Composition guidence from Supera.


Supera contains the Harmonic Direction

Supera maintains this for its own Power.

Supera in Em26 extends the New Trinity.

Electronic Music Nr.26 is about the financial World.

Just as in the middle ages music in the Church was the force that built its wealth, this time electronic music is the force that restructures the economic fluidity.

It is the broad structure and interaction of this composition that provides the channels for the New Economic System,