The intro to this composition is with a watermark can be played by clicking on Mars the full version is 1 hr 20 minutes long - the first 15 minutes is available on under this name - it should be played on windows media player with alchemy visualisation.

The better the sound equipment , the better this sounds - the full composition is available on dvd-audio with the composition quality level of 192khz - that is real electronic music or if you like super-house

Details : You should note the technical nr, for this composition -


This will allow you a free upgrade of the composition if further editing is carried out .

(Postage will be required for cd/dvd)


By Clicking on above you can hear the first few minutes of the composition with a watermark - voice over,(from 24th Jan 2015).

The composition may be purchased by email to to get a link for download or purchase a CD (44.1 k 16 bit wav or flac) or audio-DVD (24 bit 96k or 192 k) -- £4.75. (or 40 bcvu - the monetary system in Creflex)

(MP3 may also be requested)

It should be considered that the sounds in these compositions are the result of many processes of elaboration sometimes over 20.

These are not the sounds you get from free automated systems.

They are closer in electronic terms to an orchestral sound.

The composer has been involved in the development of electronic music for some years and has his own extensive systems for sound generation and elaboration.

Furthermore he is a composer with classical base and it the aura of the music going somewhere at pace - providing the direction in the composition in which the composer is a master.