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Crestime is the Economics of Creflexes
Creflex SubShares
Major New Composition to serve Creflex system nearing completion


Creflex Dance Music


KnoxOdeon is the Bank for Creflexes


Element and Transform is the Path of Creflexes




The Directory of CreFlexes





This CreFlex is the Original CreFlex-Productions

CreFlexes are economic units, their full name is CreFlex-Unity.

General Political and Historical Development of Creflexes
The CreFlex View

Bonuses of registering a

EarthLaw needs new CreFlexes


Formation of New Creflexes

Aims of Creflexs

Creflex Resolution

CreFlex Ethics

CreFlex in EarthLaw

CreFlex Communication

EarthLevel has started Generating CreFlexes to broaden its range

with Business

Relevance of CreFlexs

Supports for CreFlexes

CreFlex enhancement to CFX

CFX Direction

CFX is the Full Creflex only using the new economics - NES


CreFlex Growth


London Direction

CreFlexs can be coordinated through the Regional Directions

Creflexs can only be, or also co-ordinated through EarthDirection.

CreFlex Allsys generates specific function dependent sub-CreFlexes


CreFlexes can operate through Allsys



Universal Direction provides a linkage to Political and Spiritual elements

European Direction
British Direction

Earth Direction Maintains the central economic view.

Some CreFlexs in Existence:

Creflex Le FoxOdeon

CreFlex Living City Gis, 21st Century Architecture, and Artif.

CreFlex Performance Music Piano Music and Instrumental Music

CreFlex Electronic Music

CreFlex 21st Century Music

CreFlex Inspirational Arts

CreFlex Spiritual-Unity

Creflex New Sport

CreFlex New Jazz

CreFlex GIS

CreFlex Co-OperativeLaw

CreFlex Knoxodeon

CreFlex Cresta

CreFlex Claro

CreFlex Universal Engens

CreFlex Axis

CreFlexs use the icv-bcv Economic System

Details on formation of CreFlexs from

CreFlex Group Law

CreFlex Zeisis

CreFlex LawinSpace

CreFlex MoonFlyBy


CreFlex CUE - The Composer's Union of Europe

CreFlex OverView

All the related sites are of Creflexes and they follow a general plan

1) An initial statement of form

2) Specific Applications of the CreFlex

3) Developed Directions of the Creflex

4) Process controls in Applications

5) The Internal developed forms with an integration of the Spheral actions of Supera, Gile and Spahar with expansion by Reculv and 0prox - making up the 5th Level.

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