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Electronic Music No.20 is a composition of Extreme Electronic Music, that is pieces that take the medium to powerful levels of harmonic range and control guiding expression to a specific function which could be political.
Harmony in Extreme Electronic Music
0Prx Development
0Rio Generation
Electronic Music No.36 takes ExtremeElectronicMusic to a Harmonically Richer Level.
Application in Extreme ElectronicMusic
Flexibility and Growth of FoxOdeon
Energy of SpearFlux
M_Proxima in Extreme Electronic Music
Vision in ExtremeElectronicMusic
Future in Extreme Electronic Music
Electronic Music No.60 breaks into the realm of Bocas
Electronic Music No.76 takes ExtremeElectronicMusic to Sensory Revolution
Electronic Music No.100 resolves ExtremeElectronicMusic
Electronic Music No.20 available now to download sub-compositions