Call the Gods

This is the 4th day of the composition Metaphysica Empirica III (Electronic Music Nr.28) by W.Terence Lennox.

There are 14 sub-compositions in this group that can be purchased individually - in the code of the series they are numbered from iiie3callgds01 -14v4.

At the present time they are all in about version 4 to 5 which is close to completion and could be the final version.

e.g. Purchasing v3 or v4 now, you will notified of any new versions, which will be supplied free.

iiie3callgds01v4 - Mercury

iiie3callgds02v4- Shiva's Avatar?

iiie3callgds03v2 - Zeus

iiie3callgds04v3- Iris and Prometheus

iiie3callgds06v3- Athena

iiie3callgds08v3 -Amun-Ra

iiie3callgds09v3- Terpsichore

iiie3callgds10a - Shiva's New Dance


iiie3callgds11v4- Iris

iiie3callgds12v4-Dance for Shiva's Avatar

iiie3callgds13v4- Shiva's White Horse

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