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21st Century Piano Music

'Life on Mars' available for download.
Music to Accompany the Colonization of Mars

Music moves into the 21st Century to be the centre of Value

With Electronic Music No.28


Programs for World Performance


NewElectronic Music
21st Century Music through Metaphysica Empirica IV gives Structure to Spirituality
21st Century Music goes into Space

The intro to this composition is with a watermark can be player by clicking on vampires- the full version is 40 minutes long - a concise version of 7 minutes is available on under this name - it should be played on windows media player with alchemy visualisation.

The better the sound equipment , the better this sounds - the full composition is available on dvd-audio with the composition quality level of 192khz - that is real electronic music or if you like super-house

21st Century Music is the Engine of Spirituality
SubCompositions of Electronic Music
21st Century Music the Engine of Spirituality
21st Century Music is the Cauldron of Quantitative Easing
21st Century Music for EarthLaw has the function of Churchmusic exemplified by EM42
21st century Music needs Co-OperativeLaw
21st Century Music enters the mcv-sphere
21st Century Music conjures Elemlaw with Diam
21st Century Music turns The Wheel of Law
21st Century Music promotes the Enhanced Performance Notation
21st Century Music embellishes Architecture
21st Century Music prepares the Criteria for TotalWorldValue
21st Century Music is the Transformer in Crestime
21st Century Music is the Gateway to SuperHouse
21st Century Music accompanies The New Trinity
21st Century Music extends Spirituality
21st Century Jazz
21st Century Music Grows through Demax with the HrmDev In the application of Electronic Music No.33.
21st Century Music appreciates and celebrates Nero through Electronic Music28 and its Subcompositions.

21st CenturyMusic extends its function through 0rio.

With the application of Electronic Music No.32

21stCenturyMusic Frames through Spherex
21stCenturyMusic views through Thouey with the lenses of EM47
Performance Music



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Major New Composition nearing completion


The Music of our time is be

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characterised by an


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allegiance to its own vision.

New Electronic Music

There isn't a Music that exists without a function.

Extreme Electronic Music - Electronic Music No.20

Music in Space


Historically the Church, and many other organisation, have taken

FoxOdeon Music Production

advantage of Music for its own wealth - 21st Century music reclaims this Power through Lawful Direction.

Perform Electronic Music- Electronic Music No.18


The Forces of the late 20th century controlled the music, reduced and partitioned it, to an accompaniment.


The Music of the 21st century seeks its freedom to grow and develop to realise its full power and provide the inspiration and indeed leadership for a crucial time.

21st Century Music is at the heart of New Economics


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Electronic Dance Music